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Friends of Alexander von Humboldt School

The Friends of Alexander von Humboldt Schule is a charitable trust registered in Canada and the province of Quebec. Its role is to support the school by soliciting and collecting funds to support the school’s development efforts.


Frank Kollmar

Rolf Hagen Jr. 
Vice President

Cecilia Szabo

Vanessa Miehe

Klaus Baumgart

Dr. Alfred Jaeger

Petra Hillebrand

Ina Hillebrand

Sergio Pereda Duarte 

Christina Clausen

Did you know that AvH School, which counted a mere 22 students in 1980, was home to over 320 in 2013? When AvH moved to its Baie d'Urfé location in 1984, the school building was very different from the one you see today. Over 30 years later, the school has grown not only in the number of students but also in size after four major expansions.

Every project undertaken depends in large part on the commitment and support of AvH families and friends. By contributing to our Fundraising Campaigns, every member of the AvH community is given the opportunity to improve the school. No matter how small or large, every gift has a direct bearing on what matters most: the education of our children.

Your gift can help in many ways. Apart from traditional fundraising events such as the Christmas Bazaar and the Golf Tournament, donations are always welcome to fund student activities in sports, music and arts, or to help pay for student scholarships and awards.

Enjoy the personal satisfaction of helping students by making your donation today. Simply complete our donation form and drop it off at the office together with your gift.

You have questions? Please contact
. Thank you for your attention and support!

Friends of AvH

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