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Field and Study Trips


In general: Subject-related visits of events such as theatre plays or musical presentations form part of the curriculum and are to be carried out as such.

Grades 1 to 4
One winter sports day per school year (Gr. 1 and 2: skating, tobogganing, tubing; Gr. 3 and 4: skiing, skating, tobogganing, tubing);
A maximum of three full-day excursions (e.g. Upper Canada Village, farm visit, workshop);
Grades 2 – 4 participate in the annual track and field day, Grade 1 will participate in two disciplines.

Grade 1
A „sleep-over" at school (e.g. a book night), alternatively a day excursion.

Grade 2
One night at the Ecomuseum, the Biodome or a similar location.

Grade 3
One night at a youth hostel/camp.

Grade 4: Two nights in a youth hostel/camp.

HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 5 to 12)

In addition to the activities mentioned below, each grade may go on up to three half- or full-day excursions per school year (e.g. museum, Goethe Institute, theatre, concert, hiking and similar activities).

Grades 5 to 12
One winter sports day per school year;
Track and field day.

Grades 5 and 6
One trip with two nights stay. Preferred destinations are those offering skiing, canoeing or hiking activities, no city trips.

Grade 7
A field trip in September up to of three nights encouraging the development of social skills, such as kayaking, etc.

Grade 8
Trip to Germany immediately before or after the Easter break (maximum of 11 days including travel).

Grade 9
City trip after the Easter break up to three nights to for example New York, Boston, Toronto.

Grade 10
A two-day excursion with one overnight stay, for example Ottawa.

Grade 11
Study trip to a destination in Europe (maximum of 10 days including travel) or North America. (maximum of 7 days including travel).

Grade 12
One trip up to three nights related to a topic arising from the curriculum, for example Shakespeare Festival in Stratford.


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