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Parent Council

Parents have several opportunities to become involved at AvH. By actively participating, parents also keep themselves informed about their children's school life.

At the beginning of the school year, the parents of each class elect two representatives. Their role is to provide a link between the parents and the homeroom teacher and organize periodic parent evenings.

The elected parent representatives form the Parent Council, which elects a president and a vice president. The Parent Council meets at least twice a year to receive information from the principal about current school issues, and to discuss items related to individual classes.

The duties of the Parent Council are:
• to represent parents' interests
• to discuss parents' requests, suggestions and concerns
• to inform parents about issues at the school
• to deepen the bond of trust between parents and the school
• to organize parent-teacher meetings in cooperation with the homeroom teachers

Parent Council President (2017/18): Ina Hillebrand

Parent Council Vice President (2017/18): Sophie Casalini

Being a parent representative and a member of the Parent Council is an excellent way to be involved in your children's education. Another possibility of getting involved are the  volunteers. Their help is very important and highly appreciated at our school!


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