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School fees 2018/2019

Tuition fee per child and school year
Mini-K (3-day program) $ 4,550
Mini-K (5-day program) $ 7,150
Preschool $ 7,150
Entry Level (Kindergarten) $ 8,600
Grades 1 - 12 $ 10,400
After-school programm until 6 p.m. $ 2,500

Miscellaneous fees
Registration fee (with initial registration) $ 200
Occasional use of the after school programme (fee per day) $ 25
Homework supervision from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Grade 5 - 8) $ 1,040
Service fee for returned cheques (per cheque) $ 25
Building fund (one-time payment per new family with initial registration)

Option 1: $ 1,900 payable in one installment due on September 1, 2018
Option 2: $ 2,000 payable in two installments:
$ 1,000 due on September 1, 2018
$ 1,000 due on February 1, 2019

$ 1,900 (Option 1)

$ 2,000 (Option 2)
Interest for late payment 2% monthly of outstanding amount

Terms of payment for tuition fees

The tuition fees must be paid as follows:

Option 1- payment in one installment:
payable on September 1, 2018

Option 2- payment in two installments:
50% on September 1, 2018
50% on February 1, 2019 (postdated cheque is required)

Option 3- payment in monthly installments:
Upon formal application only, the tuition fees can be paid in monthly installments (with post-dated cheques) as follows: 10% of the total amount on September 1, 2018 and 10 % of the total amount on the first of every following month until June 2019. Only applications submitted at the time of registration will be considered. Application forms are available upon request at the school office.

Fee reductions

The school is only able to grant a limited number of fee reductions. Applications must be submitted to Apple Financial Services which provides a confidential analysis of the familial and financial situation. The final decision lies with the school’s financial aid committee. Since personal financial situations may vary from year to year, applications are made on an annual basis. All applications are processed online and will only be considered if all relevant documentation is provided by May 1 prior to the beginning of the school year for which you are applying. If you wish to apply, you must register online at



1. If a student starts school during the school year, the tuition fee must be paid as of the first day of the month of entry. There is no reduction of the monthly fee if the student starts during the month.

2. If a student leaves the school during the school year, the tuition fee must be paid in full until the end of the month during which he leaves. No refund will be issued for the building fund contribution.

3. If a student leaves school temporarily (i.e. student exchange, short stay at another school at home or abroad) the tuition fee must be paid without interruption.

4. Report cards or other evaluations will be issued only if all applicable school fees have been paid.

5. Registrations for courses and extra-curricular activities are binding for the entire school year. No refunds will be issued.

6. In case of late payment or non-payment, the student may be excluded from school, the after-school programme or extra-curricular activities.

7. Registrations for the coming school year will not be accepted if tuition fees are outstanding.











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