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Dress code


The students of Alexander von Humboldt School Montreal must wear tops selected from the official AvH collection which includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, Oxford shirts and blouses, kangaroo hoodies and kangaroo hoodies with zipper. School tops from the collection must be worn underneath the AvH kangaroo hoodies with zipper.

AvH school clothing must be worn during one-day school excursions. Oxford shirts and blouses are not mandatory for any age group. Military or paramilitary clothes are not allowed.

All items bear the school logo and are available in a variety of colours, including red, navy blue, white, grey and from grade 7 on also black. All clothes must be neat, i.e. not sloppy, dirty or torn.

AvH school clothes are mandatory starting in Entry Level (Kindergarten/5-year-olds) and are available only from the following official supplier:

LOFT Uniforms
6744 Hutchison
Montreal QC
H3N 1Y4
Tel: 514-270-6044

General Guidelines

Pants and skirts
All students are generally allowed to wear pants and skirts of their choice. The official colours for all grades are: denim (light/dark), navy, white, sand/beige, red, grey and black.

Clothes must be uni-coloured, no floral or geometrical patterns. Small embroideries, reedings or colour accents are acceptable as long as they do not impact the uni-coloured look.

Tops, pants and skirts have to cover the waist; no visible bare skin, even when arms are lifted. Underwear must not be seen.

: length should be one hand width above knee to ankle length.
Pants: jeans, bellbottoms, capri pants, chinos, cargo pants, slim fit cuts, regular summer shorts. No extreme cuts, no hot pants or low-cut pants, no sweatpants or relax pants. Leggings may only be worn with a top long enough to cover the backside.

Hat, caps and hoods are not to be worn inside the school building.

In winter, students must wear appropriate footwear in the school building, i.e. running shoes, slippers.

Gym clothes
The AvH sports T-shirt is mandatory. Gym pants (own choice) must be black. Two pairs of sports shoes are required - one pair for inside, one for outside. Indoor court shoes are mandatory. AvH gym clothes and AvH school team shirts are restricted to and mandatory for gym classes or other sports activities.

Provoking demeanour, extreme hair colours, visible tattoos and piercings are not considered suitable for a child-friendly school and will not be tolerated. Jewellery must be removed during sports classes.

The dress code was approved by the Board of Directors on May 7, 2015. It replaces the version of December 4, 2014.

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