Alexander von Humboldt Schule
  Deutsche Internationale Schule
  École internationale allemande
  German International School

High School (Grades 5-12)

The secondary level curriculum complies with the requirements stipulated by the German "Kultusministerkonferenz" (KMK, The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany). The individual talents and needs of students are taken into account whenever possible and where physical and staffing resources permit.

Grade 5 is an orientation year with an enriched curriculum in the natural and social sciences. According to the German system, students are placed in three different streams (level A, B or C) at the end of Grade 5, based on their academic abilities.

Students of all three levels remain in the same class. Through in-class differentiation and grading modified to their respective levels, students are given optimum support but are also challenged according to their ability. A transfer between levels is possible until the end of Grade 8. B-level students with good grades may, for example, transfer to level C.

Students regularly participate in German and Quebec competence tests. This assures compliance with German and Canadian education standards. Students who transfer to a school in Germany therefore do not encounter difficulties - a fact often confirmed by families returning to Germany.

Although a relatively small school, AvH tries to support students new to Canada by closing any gaps they might have, in particular in English and French (and sometimes in the natural sciences) through tutoring, either in a group or on an individual basis. For these students, the German KMK recommends a transition period for the subjects English and French (or other subjects taught in English) where the grades of the year-end report card do not affect the student's promotion to the next school year.

Guidance and Career Counselling

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