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Entry Level (5 to 6 year-olds)

Kindergarten at AvH is known as Entry Level, to signify the transition from
Preschool to Elementary School. The basic principles from Preschool are combined with learning skills your child needs for Grade 1 and beyond. Although play is still a major component of learning, children are now ready for a more structured environment.

Each day, an elementary teacher spends time with the class, team teaching with the Kindergarten teacher. This allows focusing on the unique learning personality of each child. As your child is ready for new intellectual challenges, individual learning objectives can be set at the appropriate pace. Usually, the elementary teacher will also be the future homeroom teacher in Grade 1 and Grade 2. A relationship based on trust has already been established, and this will increase your child’s confidence going to "big school".

In Kindergarten, the children also learn how to organize their schoolwork, allocate time to specific tasks, and set priorities. These are important skills children will use throughout their school career.

Examples of Kindergarten topics include:
• Development of German language skills
• Differentiation between sounds (phonemes)
• Introduction of the letters of the alphabet
• Basic Reading (simple words)
• Pre-printing exercises
• Calculations of sums up to 10

The Entry Level concept allows teachers to focus on a child’s individual development from a much earlier age than before. Teachers and parents communicate and consult regularly on their children's progress. A positive start towards organized learning tends to be a reliable predictor of academic success.
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