Alexander von Humboldt Schule
  Deutsche Internationale Schule
  École internationale allemande
  German International School

Elementary School

The elementary school at AvH is small and comfortable. The school size provides ideal conditions for personal development and encouragement of the individual child. A strong sense of community imparts a sense of security and the children enjoy learning.

Elementary school at AvH includes Kindergarten(5 to 6 year-olds), and Grades 1 to 4. A German curriculum is used, and it meets all the requirements of the Québec Ministry of Education. While the main teaching language is German, both English and French are prominent from Grade 1 on. French is taught either at mother tongue or second language level, depending on the student’s background.

Many of our international and Canadian students do not have a German-speaking background. The students learn the language in Preschool and Kindergarten through play, and are proud to show off their new capabilities in writing, reading and speaking. All of our teachers speak English and French, and are happy to help out whenever something is not quite clear. Homework supervision is offered to all students.

High school entrance examinations are not part of elementary school student requirements at AvH. The successful completion of Grade 4 at AvH indicates that the child is well prepared and has the necessary prerequisites to thrive in the higher grades.

ield trips and visits to museums and theatres allow students to get to know Quebec culture, history, and nature. Events like class parties, game nights, concerts, and sports play an important role in the lives of our students.

There is a strong sense of community at AvH, making it a place where children feel good and appreciate the joys of learning and doing things together.

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