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Abitur (DIA)

The German International Abitur

AvH is the only German school in Canada offering students the option of completing Grade 12 and earning the German International Abitur. This internationally recognized diploma enables students to apply to universities worldwide directly from high school.

The final Abitur mark takes into account grades obtained in Grade 11 and 12 and the points accumulated in five Abitur exams (three written and two oral exams). Students are tested in the following areas: German Literature, European History or Economics or Math or a Natural Science or a language. The subject of German is mandatory, and the areas math/natural sciences and social sciences have to be covered. At the beginning of the second semester of Grade 12, students take the written examinations, and in late spring the oral examinations are generally overseen by a representative of the German Ministry of Education.

Since the introduction of the Abitur in 2009/10, excellent average results have been achieved, ranging between 1.8 and 2.2. Graduates have been accepted at universities in Canada (such as McGill, Concordia and Université de Montréal) in Germany (Karslruhe University, Heidelberg University, University of Erlangen Nürnberg), in England (London Business School), in Australia (University of Perth), in Hungary (German University of Budapest) etc.


Jan-Olaf Wolfkühler (Senior High School Coordinator)
Caroline Schäfer (Guidance Counselor)

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