Alexander von Humboldt Schule
  Deutsche Internationale Schule
  École internationale allemande
  German International School

School Association and Board of Directors

AvH is an independent private school incorporated in Canada and supported by the German government. The school is governed by the School Association, which consists of parents and other interested parties who wish to be involved in the school. Each November, the members elect the Board of Directors, which is legally responsible for the school's business. The seven directors are elected for two-year terms and collaborate closely with the principal and the head of administration to operate and manage the school.

By agreement with the German government, the school follows the German curriculum and offers German diplomas. In return, the school receives financial support and a limited number of teachers from Germany.

Membership in the School Association is not mandatory for AvH parents but is highly recommended. A registration form is available in the school's office. The annual membership fee is $20 per year per person. The by-laws of the School Association, as mandated by the German government, require that all business of the School Association be carried out in German.

Board members

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